Lenders Using Ibis Software
Ibis reverse mortgage software has been the Standard of the industry since 1995. Ibis supplies expertise and software for HECM lenders (IbisRMO) and loan counselors (Ibis RMA) as well as reverse mortgage calculators for websites. 
These lenders directly license IbisRMO software:
               American Mortgage Specialists   Plaza Home Mortgage  
  Circle Mortgage Corporation   Senior Lending Network  
  Financial Heritage   Somerset Mortgage Lenders  
  Golden Equity Mortgage   Taylor, Bean & Whitaker  
  James B. Nutter & Company   Village Capital & Investment  
  MEMBERS Trust Company   Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  
  Pacific Reverse Mortgage   World Alliance Financial  
The lenders below use IbisRMO software for 100% of their HECM loans.

   They are shown alphabetically and work with one of the Ibis licensees above.
928 Heritage Inc        Garfield Mortgage Corp        Park Place Reverse Mortgage Inc
Access E-Mortgage Inc   Gateway Home Loans LLC   Patriots Bank
Addison Mortgage Group Inc   Gold Credit Corporation   Peoples Bank
Advanced Funding Solutions Inc   Golfside Lending Inc   People's Choice Mortgage And Loan
Advent Financial, Inc.   Good Faith Mortgage Inc   Pinellas Mortgage Services
All Pennsylvania Reverse Mortgage Inc   Gotham City Mortgage Corp   Pinnacle Financial Services Inc
Amarillo National Bank   Granger Mortgage Corporation   Pinnacle Mortgage Group Inc
American Acceptance Mtg Inc   GTE Federal Credit Union   Platinum Reverse Mortgage Corp
American Home Loan Inc   Gulf And Southern Mtg Corp   Preferred Lending Group
American Lending Network Inc   Hartland Mortgage Centers   Premier Bancorp
American Mortgage Group LLC   Heartland Bank   Price Financial Services LLC
America's Mortgage Consultants Inc   Heartland Funding Corp   Priority Financial Services LLC
Arise Mortgage LLC   HomeFirst Mortgage Services LLC   Professional Mortgage Corp
Ascella Mortgage LLC   Homestead Mortgage Company LLC   ProFirst Mortgage Corporation
Bank of The Commonwealth   Indigo Financial Group Inc   Provident Lending Corporation
Baptiste Mortgage Bankers Inc   Innovative Funding Solutions   Providers Financial Inc
Bayport Financial Services Inc   Intercounty Mortgage Network Corp   R F Wilson Incc
Best Interest Mortgage Corp   International Mortgage Services   Rancho Mortgage Corporation
BHC Mortgage Network Inc   J. S. Shirk & Associates, Inc   Redwood Capital Inc
Brooker Financial Corp   Janan Mortgage Corporation   Reverse Mortgage Advantage Inc
Carrollton Mortgage Co   Jarvis Street Mortgage Providers Inc   Reverse Mortgage Associates LLC
Carter Lending Inc   Judith O Smith Mortgage Group Inc   Reverse Mortgage Source Inc
Castle Mortgage Corp   Kendall Mortgage Corporation   ReverseMortgageOne Inc
Challenge Financial Investors Corpp   Kent Group Ltd   RJC Mortgage Corporation
Citizen First Mortgage -- Southeast   Lake Community Bank   Ron Simpson And Associates
CMA Mortgage Inc   Lending Company Inc   Rusty Rose Inc
Coast Cities Financial Inc   Lexington Investment Mortgage Co   Sand Dollar Mortgage Services
Cole Realty And Lending Inc   Liberty Mortgage Inc   Schmidt Mortgage Company
Colonial Mortgage Corp   Loanmans Mortgage Store LLC   Select Mortgage Corp
Colony Mortgage Lending Inc   LoanSource Funding LLC   Select Mortgage Services Incc
Consumers Mortgage Corp of Ohio   Madison Funding Inc   Senior Mortgages LLP
Coral Mortgage Bankers Corporation   Majestic Mortgage Corp   Set2Go Loans Inc
Cornerstone Mortgage Inc   Mark I Mortgage   Shelter Mortgage Company LLC
Corridor Mortgage Group   Maryland Financial Resources Inc   Signature Funding Inc
Creative Mortgage Financing Inc   MAS Associates   SK and Associates LLC
CSJ Mortgage Inc   Master Funding Corporation   Sound Lending Inc
Destiny Mortgage Group Inc   McGowin King Mortgage LLC   South Pacific Financial Corp
Diversified Financial Solutions LLC   McLaughlin Financial Inc   Statewide Mortgage Outlet Inc
Diversified Home Lending LLC   Mechanic Mortgage Group Inc   Stauffers Brokerage Inc
Dow Mortgage Companyy   Meridian Lending Inc   Sterling Mortgage Corporation
Easton Bank And Trust   Metropolitan Home Loans Inc   Summit Home Loans Inc
E-LoansToGo.Com   Mid Nation Mortgage Corporation   Sun Capital Inc
EMC Holdings LLC   Midwest Mortgage Capital LLC   Sunshine Mortgage Corp
Equitable Trust Mortgage Corp   MoneyLink Mortgage Inc   Terme Mortgage Inc
Everett Financial Inc   Mortgage Associates Inc   The Mortgage Experts of South Florida
Fairway Capital Mortgage Corp.   Mortgage Consultants Inc   The Mortgage Firm Inc
Faith Financial Group Inc   Mortgage Corp Ohio   Top Flite Financial Inc
Fidelity First Mortgage Companyy   Mortgage Credit Inc   Town And Country Mortgage Lenders
First Atlantic Mortgage Corp   Mortgage Lenders of America & Co   Town Square Mortgage & Investments
First Avenue National Bank   Mortgage Managers Inc   Trident Mortgage Company Lp
First Capital Lending Corp   Mortgage Network Solutions LLC   Turbo International Corp
First Financial Mortgage Corporation   Mortgage Resources Inc   U S Financial Services LLC
First Integrity Mortgage Ser   Mortgage Specialists of Illinois Inc   Unifirst Mortgage Corporation
First Internet Bank of Indiana   Mountain States Mtg Center   Union Capital Mortgage Corporation
First Liberty Mortgage LLC   Mountain West Financial Inc   Urban Housing Mortgage And Realty
First Mutual Corp   MWF Financial And Mortgage Center   US Capital Funding LLCC
First Nations Home Finance Corp   New Start Home Loans Inc   US Lending & Finance Ltd
First Nations Home Mortgage Inc   Newcastle Mortgage Funding Inc   US Mortgage Center
First Step Mortgage Group Inc   Nu Global Vision Corp   USA Home Loans Inc
FirstLine Mortgage Inc   O Dowd Associates Mortgage Co Inc   Watermark Capital Inc
Fixed Rate Holdings Inc   Oak Street Financial, Inc.   WestStar Mortgage Inc.
Foremost Mortgage Associates Inc   Oceanside Mortgage Company   WFS Mortgage Services Inc
Franklin American Mortgage Co   OCM Mortgage Inc   Wonder State Mortgage Inc
Franklin First Financial Ltdd   Old Virginia Mortgage Inc    
Frontier Financial Inc   Pacific Mutual Funding Inc    
For the twelve months ending September 30, 2008. This list will be updated at least quarterly.

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